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Life Coaching to Make the Most of Springtime’s Energy

Spring is green, new, alive. The childhood stage of the seasons. As nature wakes from its winter slumber and you observe the first pale green leaves unfolding, you might feel a renewed energy to tackle your to-do list, or start a new project. As a Washington,...
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Reader Question: How to “Become More Creative”

This life coaching blog post was prompted by an insightful reader question last month: “I noticed that one of your suggestions is to be creative. This raises the question for me, what would this look like for me? I wonder how many people get ‘stuck’...
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On Listening to the Radio … and Being in the Driver’s Seat (Of Your Life)

At the beginning of the new year, I stopped listening to the radio in my car. This may seem a strange new year’s shift to make, but hear me out. Suddenly I have become more aware of and engaged with my surroundings. I am more present while driving....
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