How Life Coaching Can Help You With Your Most Important Relationships

From social isolation due to quarantine to changes in work environments to the closing of public spaces, the COVID-19 outbreak has profoundly impacted our social relationships in unprecedented ways. I’m sure we’ll see the impact for years...
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Small Acts of Kindness Make All the Difference

“The longer I live, the more I notice how valuable it is to do one simple thing: be kind.” – James Clear In my work with life coaching clients through the years, I’ve learned that kindness counts. Kindness matters. Small, random...
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Friends, The Family You Choose: the DC Life Coach’s Tips for Building Great Friendships)

Last month, a group of my gal pals and I took a trip to cheer on one of our swim team friends who participated in an Ironman competition. In these troubled times of civil unrest and world problems, I find my friendships sustain me. I am so grateful for...
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