Seniors Coaching

My Story of Love, Loss & Everything that Hangs in the Balance

Have you ever played with a hanging mobile, like the kind that might hang in a child’s room? Even the gentlest touch or breeze can set off a dance of colors, shadows, even sound. Sometimes, the delicate equilibrium is disrupted. The careful choreography...
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Steps to Gain Energy and Power to Move Forward from a Life Coach

Every time you don’t follow your dream, your inner voice, or your personal goals, you lose energy and power. Knowing what you want and learning how to get it gives you the creative energy to move forward and the power to be yourself. SIMPLE...
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Life Coaching: It Takes Courage to Make a Transition

My introduction to life coaching came late in life, and rightly so. I had lived a rich period of working, traveling and learning, and had a lot of life experiences to share. I had moved 15 times, lived around the world and worked at a variety of jobs...
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