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Basketball & How “Peak Experiences” Define Us: Marty’s Story

[huge_it_share]In Life Coaching, “peak experiences” are often described as the best moments of one’s life, moments of pure joy and elation, moments that stand out from everyday events. The memory of these events is lasting and people...
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Career Transition Coaching for A Solopreneur Craving Community: Jennifer’s Story

“I want a clear career path.” Jennifer*, a 42-year-old solopreneur, told me this was what she was looking for when we started our Career Transition Coaching sessions together. Jennifer had owned and operated her own business for five years, which...
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Life Coaching: Be More Authentically You

[huge_it_share]My life coaching client Patricia* came to me when she decided that after 30 years of living with her sister in a caretaking role, she was ready for change. She reached out to me to find support, encouragement and a plan to take steps for...
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Life Coaching: 5 Life Lessons from France

Spending the past two weeks in Paris with some of my grandchildren gave me the opportunity to observe and enjoy the playfulness, rich lifestyle and pure pleasure the French take in their daily lives. It is a culture devoted to beauty, tradition and pleasure....
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Life Coaching for Single Moms: Erica’s Story

As a single Mom, you may feel like a tight-rope walker without a safety net. Loneliness and feelings of overwhelm are common, as are fears and worries about “doing enough” to raise your children alone. Working with a Life Coach can provide...
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