Basketball & How “Peak Experiences” Define Us: Marty’s Story


[huge_it_share]In Life Coaching, “peak experiences” are often described as the best moments of one’s life, moments of pure joy and elation, moments that stand out from everyday events. The memory of these events is lasting and people often liken them to a spiritual experience. Through Life Coaching, we can begin to understand how these moments are connected to our values at a core level.
Here is an example of a Peak Experience that helped one of my clients connect to her values.

Marty’s Peak Experience

“Marty” (name changed to protect client confidentiality) remembered vividly a basketball game she played in as a Junior in High School. She was a star player in that game. Now in her late 60s, Marty’s description of the gymnasium, the crowd, the players, the sights, smells and feelings associated with the game itself transported us both to that time and place. It was a story rich with texture and emotions. From her many life experiences, Marty chose this one because it was still so alive for her.

From the story, the values that define her bubbled to the surface:

  • recognition for her hard work
  • teamwork
  • support from family and friends
  • challenge
  • competence
  • taking risks

By identifying her values, Marty was able to better understand what was at the core of her being. They made choices about what to commit to now so much more clear. Marty began to recognize that somewhere over the years she had stopped honoring the very qualities that were necessities for her personal fulfillment.

The exploration of a “peak experience” story through Life Coaching helped Marty find ways to rearrange her life so that she could once again experience and continue to enjoy the values that define her.


Life Coaching & Peak Experiences

In Life Coaching, I help my clients use peak experiences to help them live “on-purpose” and according to their values. When we conclude our Life Coaching sessions, my clients often tell me that they’ve begun to see themselves differently. Perhaps they do not need others’ approval as much. They definitely feel freer. They begin to see it’s possible to change and find their voice, power, and passion through “unmasking” and getting reacquainted with that self they’ve hidden.


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