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Crossing Borders with Confidence: My Story

When I was twenty-one years old I left the small Connecticut town where I had lived my whole life and moved to a city in South America with my brand new husband. It was his career that took us there and I could not have been more excited! Although I...
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Life Coaching Case Study: Mom Goes Back to School

Putting on masks, taking off masks, deciding who you want to be and how you want to be is part of discovering your identity. As life changes, staying true to yourself during professional and personal transitions can be challenging. The changes from...
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Words for a New Season from Life Coach Catharine Ecton

Here is an acrostic I put together for this wonderful new season we are embarking upon right now .. SPRING! I hope it will inspire you to live a life full of these concepts. S – simplicity, self-awareness, surprise, stretch, strength, success P...
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