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From Spark to Fire: 8 Steps to Finding Your Personal Motivation

When I ask them what’s standing between them and their goals, many of my life coaching clients use statements like these: “I’m just not motivated to stick with it.” “I feel stuck in a hole.” “I’m chasing...
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My Story of Love, Loss & Everything that Hangs in the Balance

Have you ever played with a hanging mobile, like the kind that might hang in a child’s room? Even the gentlest touch or breeze can set off a dance of colors, shadows, even sound. Sometimes, the delicate equilibrium is disrupted. The careful choreography...
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Spring Cleaning for the Soul: Declutter Your Space, Elevate Your Well-Being

As the vibrant colors of spring begin to unfold and nature breathes new life into the world, I continue to work with my life coaching clients to embark on their unique journey of renewal. “Spring Cleaning” is popping up this season as a theme...
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Love and Personal Goals: Balancing Ambition and Relationships

What’s the one thing that all successful people have in common? It’s not good looks, great hair, or a trust fund. The real secret to success is successful relationships – both on the surface, and at a deeper level. A recent meta-analysis...
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Advice From the Life Coach: “Seeing” and Being “Seen”

People want to connect. Above almost any other need, human beings long to have another person truly “see” them. At its core, “being seen” refers to the acknowledgment, recognition, and understanding that individuals receive from...
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