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Life Coaching Can Help You Find Your Place

I wish I’d had a life coach when I moved to South America in the 1960s. I felt guilty for feeling lonely when I was surrounded by interesting people and a new language and culture to explore. I was homesick and nostalgic for what I had left behind;...
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Life Coaching: Moving A Family & Children

More than 35 years of moving around the world with my family and children led me to become a life transitions coach. Today I am based in Washington, DC where many families are on the move and in transition quite often. There are many kinds of life...
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Life Coaching: It Takes Courage to Make a Transition

My introduction to life coaching came late in life, and rightly so. I had lived a rich period of working, traveling and learning, and had a lot of life experiences to share. I had moved 15 times, lived around the world and worked at a variety of jobs...
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Life Coaching Case Study: Why is this Move so Hard?

A life coaching client “Nathan” was moving back home after many years in another part of the country. The decision was his alone and he was anticipating it with enthusiasm. He could not have been more surprised to find that when the move...
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