Career Coaching: A Perfect Fit

We_Can_Do_It!What would your “dream job” look like? Your job should make you feel excited, stimulated, energized and challenged. That is when you are fulfilling your dream and living a purposeful life. You can sense it and others around you can too, because it shows. Unfortunately, many do not find the right fit in their work.

Practical considerations of needing a steady pay check or the inability to relocate can keep you stuck on the same boring treadmill for years. Is that the life you want for yourself? Many studies have been done on the importance of loving what you do. The good fit brings happiness, increased productivity and a sense of fulfillment. People who are in satisfying careers report better physical and emotional health than those who dread going to work every day. Just look around you, ask your friends and you will see such examples.

If creativity is a value for you, look for a job with room for that. If freedom is a value for you, find something that gives you flexiblity. Challenge, adventure, recogniztion, independence, directness? Dig deep to recognize your values and apply them to your job search. You may be surprised that what really feels right is the job that is in tune with your values.

Sheryl Sandberg, author of the book Lean In,  says: ” you have to take opportunities  and make an opportunity for you, rather than the other way around.” She also notes that there is no perfect fit if what you focus on is the next big thing to do. What matters is the ability to learn and to contribute. You will be able to do that best if you have a perfect fit.

If you feel you’re in a rat race, on a hamster wheel – when you’re going through the motions and not really living your life – the hardest step is committing to change and focusing on what brings you true joy. If you are craving an exceptional life full of joy and fulfillment, consider working with me through Life Coaching. With the right tools, navigated conversations and the intention to create something great, you can discover ways to live your best life. Let’s get started now on identifying what you want and find a way to get you there.

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