Life Coaching: Moving A Family & Children

kids-globeMore than 35 years of moving around the world with my family and children led me to become a life transitions coach. Today I am based in Washington, DC where many families are on the move and in transition quite often. There are many kinds of life transitions: relocation, retirement and career are just a few. Each transition requires self-awareness, confidence, finding what works for you, purpose and commitment. Life coaching helps with these discoveries. The common starting point is letting go of where you are and what has been happening in your life and moving forward to a new beginning. That is the first and often the most challenging part. It is important to face that ending and take the gamble of starting anew.

The feelings of children and teens are often overlooked when a family relocates or moves to a new place. It is easy to dismiss their experiences of saying goodbye as just like yours. In fact, the inability to articulate what is happening can become an obstacle to preparing for second part of the transition, a fresh start.

Some tips for youngsters are:

  • provide an opportunity to have directed discussions on how moving will change  their lives,
  • identify the feelings and concerns they are experiencing; such as adjusting and sustaining friendships,
  • help to verbalize how they see their new life and school relationships,
  • discuss the similarities and differences in their new environment and past places they have lived,
  • examine the nature and value of friendships; suggest ways to say goodbye to old friends and discuss ways to initiate new friendships,
  • create a family plan of ideas to participate in the new location and become a member of a community,
  • and, examine some of the physical and emotional signs of stress that may come with a move.

at-desk-flippedThe transition process should not go unexamined, ignored or avoided. People of all ages need to recognize the value of establishing that something has ended and exploring the possibilities of new beginnings.

Ecton, Catharine H. KIDS ON THE GO, copyright 1993.

Letting go takes no strength, only a willingness to see the need for it.

Facing a big change, or moving your young children? With the right tools, navigated conversations and the intention to create something great, you too can discover ways to make a life transition into a fresh new beginning. Let’s get started now on identifying what you want and find a way to get you there.

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