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Feeling Grief or Anxiety this Holiday Season? You’re Not Alone.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many of us are in preparation mode for the winter holidays. The holidays are wonderful, but can be a double-edged sword. Along with the joy and togetherness, people often begin to seek my help as a life coach...
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Life Coaching: Spend More Time on Love

“Any time not spent on love is wasted.” – Torquato Tasso (1544-1595)  Why Spend Time on Love? Love brings us so much happiness and peace because the need for it lies at the very foundation of our existence. However capable and skillful we may...
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Advice from a Life Coach: 7 Ways to Cope When Life Burns You Out

This year my life coaching clients are talking about “burnout” more than ever before. The pandemic has been rough, a real challenge on many levels. We’ve been through a lot. Most of us realize that new habits, new behavior, and new attitudes...
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