How to Take a REAL Vacation: Replenish Yourself Challenge

This month, I am on holiday! Over the years, I have learned to take time off so I can serve my clients better. During this time away, I will reset, refresh and tap even more deeply into my own personal creativity. Let’s have a “replenish yourself”...
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Life Coaching for Motivation: How I Got My “Zip” Back

As a Life Coach, I’m endlessly fascinated by the topic of motivation. It seems to be at the core of so many of our struggles as human beings. You might be surprised to learn that I too struggle with motivation! I had begun to feel my early morning...
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Life Coaching: How to Keep a Gratitude Journal

It’s now been scientifically proven: counting your blessings actually leads to a happy life. UC Davis psychologist Robert Emmons cites “scientific proof that when people regularly work on cultivating gratitude they experience a variety of...
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