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DC Life Coach, On Moving Forward: Separate Your “View” From Your “Vision”

What do you see from your window? Tell me, the DC Life Coach, I am listening. In the midst of our nation being hit hard by the coronavirus, the economic downturn, and the political problems, many of us are coping with upheaval in nearly every area of...
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The DC Life Coach: Thoughts on Productivity During the Global Pandemic

If you’re at all like me right now, you’re in a bit of a struggle. Here in Washington, DC, we have been in lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic for over a month. I have read several articles about productivity. Some say, let go of productivity....
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From the DC Life Coach: Coping With Coronavirus Anxiety

In times of crisis, such as right now as our nation is experiencing the outbreak of the coronavirus, we must take extra care to keep ourselves in balance. Fretting, worrying, and panicking are draining and unproductive emotions. This afternoon I went...
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Words Matter: How to Use the Language of Love to Create Powerful Change in Your Life and Our World

My Life coaching clients have so much figured out before they call me. They are typically kind, successful people – but they still yearn for something more out of life. Unlike self-study through self-help books or the Internet, I work collaboratively...
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