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Life Coaching: How to See Yourself Clearly

Think back to a time you looked into a distorted mirror. It may have been at a carnival funhouse, or a glimpse in the reflection of a warped window. Parts of you didn’t look quite right. The skewed image made you feel unbalanced, not quite yourself....
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What Works Now? Life Coaching as COVID Restrictions Are Eased

For many of us, the gradual easing of COVID-19 restrictions is already bringing the opportunities we have been waiting for. Seeing friends and extended family, playing sports, and going back to in-person work situations are changes happening day by day....
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Life Coaching to Build Courage: COVID Changes

Before I have a complimentary session with possible clients I send them three questions to answer. One of the questions is: What is getting in the way of reaching your goal? Here are several answers I have received to that question: I don’t have...
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How Life Coaching Can Help You With Your Most Important Relationships

From social isolation due to quarantine to changes in work environments to the closing of public spaces, the COVID-19 outbreak has profoundly impacted our social relationships in unprecedented ways. I’m sure we’ll see the impact for years...
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