Life Coaching for Transitions: Adapting to Change

darwin-quoteRegardless of who you voted for, I think we can all agree that there’s more than enough being said the topic of the U.S. Presidential Election. I think we can also agree that something has gone very, very wrong when:

  • Friendships end over political views.
  • Family members do not speak to each other because of politics.
  • Ugly personal attacks play out on social media.
  • Violence unfolds on our streets.
  • Adults act like children, resorting to name-calling (calling political candidates “liars” or “bigots”).
  • We tear down women for their weight, looks, or modes of self-expression (from commentary about Hillary’s weight or “pantsuits” to shaming our First Lady to-be).

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and many of us are considering how we will handle gatherings of people we deeply care about, but with whom we might deeply disagree. How do we cope when we see this negative energy all around us?

Right now many of my clients are coming to me asking what they should do about these hot-button issues, how to deal with the inner turmoil they are experiencing, and how to handle the conflict they’ve had with loved ones.

No matter what side we are on, whether we feel the outcome of this Presidential election reflects our views or not, we need to remember we always have a choice.

We can choose:

  • to be continually curious about it all
  • to ask questions
  • to stay informed
  • to study up on the issues we care about
  • to stay in our own business, and
  • to stand up for what we believe is right.

These are the things we do have control over.

While we might not be ready to “calm down,” we can agree to act more like emotionally mature adults who are capable of expressing our opinions with respect.

We are beginning a period of gradual adjustment to a new political culture. It is important to hold on to your identity and values during this period. You may need to accept different behaviors, language, and decision-making while letting go of routines you have followed in the past.

Life Coaching: What You Can Do Right Now
A new environment can be a shock, and adjusting to it will be a process. There will be a special poignancy and even grieving for some as you leave the old ways behind and move in a new direction. How you handle this determines the course of your life for years to come. You have the choice and the opportunity to reconcile differences, recognize your own limitations, be open and accepting, and suspend judgement. Focus on your passion and where you find fulfillment. The Huffington Post has suggested many constructive ways to live out your passion and values through volunteering, donating to a cause you believe in, or simply caring for yourself. Make sure these things are always part of your day and your life.

at-desk-brightLife Coaching will give you the concrete strategies you need to keep you on track with your power, passion and voice. Many of my clients say I’ve helped them tap into their most deeply-held values and helped them have more self-confidence to create what they do want. I have helped clients start new careers, businesses and projects based on the things they are most passionate about. Contact me to schedule your complimentary 30-minute session. We can begin to chart a course out of all of this negativity and step into a fresh start together.